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A Free SNMP MIB Search Engine for SNMP MIBs

Welcome to mibDepot

mibDepot is a free service to the SNMP community and offers a dictionary of MIBs and a unique-in-the-industry Search Engine with over 12,700 SNMP MIBs representing over 1,750,000 MIB object definitions.

NOTE: The Downloads section is currently disabled because of hacking activity from a very large country west of the US. I am correcting that situation and will be restoring the service soon. In the meantime, if you made a donation in the past so that you may download MIBs, Click here I will email them to you. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Click here if you are interested in incorporating the mibDepot technology in your products. It consists of a database of MIBs, an XML dictionary and a very flexible engine to generate MIBs in any format you want, such as for mobile devices.

Support mibDepot 

A free service costs money to maintain. I am asking you for donations of $10, $25, $50, surely a fraction of the time this site will save you. Thank you.


I just stumbled across your site for the first time while looking for Sun MIBs and I have one comment: ...whoaaaa.......
Bill, Manager of Corporate Systems Engineering

My compliments on your site! It's been very helpful in completing/upgrading our network management tools.
Chris, Telco Engineer

For those of us who are new to this whole SNMP/MIB/OID thing, finding a site that provides the OID's all ready to go is like striking gold.
Gene, Sr. Operating system Specialist

Your website is really useful. Thank you for your great works.
Kent, Technical Analyst

The information on this site is priceless.
Darby, Operations

Getting Started

To get started, either pick a set of Vendor/IETF MIBs you are interested in, or use the search engine (both options are also available in the menu on the left).

Latest FAQ

Question: Some MIBs in text mode are displayed on a single line

The cause of this problem was identified to the Skype add-on in Internet Explorer 6 or 7. To correct the problem, you must disable the Skype add-on:

Tools->Manage Add-ons->Enable or Disable Add-ons...
then, select "Skype add-on (mastermind)" and click on the radio button to Disable the add-on. Restart IE and the problem should be gone.

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